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In addition to many facilities offered by Bucin Guesthouse, the area also offers unforgettable experiences. Perhaps the most at hand is hiking, as all you need is a suitable pair of shoes and comfortable clothes and you can start discovering the wonderful landscape.

Praid salt mine

A unique climate environment. It is recommended for everyone, and it is no secret that staying in the salt mine microclimate is beneficial to certain health problems. For the healthy people, the underground environment help with skin beautification and revival.

The recreational base is designed in “Orizont 50”, which lies at a depth of 120 m from surface. The transport of people is made by the mine’s buses over a distance of 1250 m to the gate of the recreational base.

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Wellness Centre Praid

The wellness center has indoor pools and a lovely view. Here you can enjoy therapeutic salt, carbonated and thermal waters with a high concentration of minerals that are recommended for rheumatism, post-traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral chronic neurological disorders, gynecological and respiratory diseases.

Mocănița Sovata

The Mocănița is a train with steam locomotive built in 1949. All surrounded by steam, the old Mocăniţa hisses through the hills even in our days. In its windowless cars and wooden benches, you can immediately forget the dusty everyday rutine and enter a fantasy world, away from all the noise and bustle. An unforgettable trip on the Sovata – Câmpu Citadel route. On the way you can admire beautiful views with hills and meadows of rare beauty, with fancy transylvanian style houses. This trip is really worth if you visit Sovata. The route has a length of 14 km and the journeys time is two hours, round trip.

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The Bear lake

Bear Lake lies on a salt foundation and is a protected area of national interest. Salt concentration of water reaches 300g / l, with a value easily compared to the Dead Sea, and it gradually decreases towards the surface to 150 g / l of salt.

Three world records define the Bear Lake resort Sovata, Mures County: the largest lake helioterm in the world, the only salt-water lake surrounded by rich vegetation, and it is the only natural lake in the world on which we have the exact date of formation! It is in 27th May 1875, when there was a collapse of land, thereby creating a geological formation, of carsto-saline nature.

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Fisherman’s Inn Câmpu Cetății

Fisherman’s Inn welcomes guests in the heart of the picturesque mountain village, Campu Cetatii (Castle Field). Its foundation is based on pisciculture and the skill and experience of several generations.

The pride of their work is represented by the roasted trout, which became known not only in the country but also abroad. The inn has a capacity of 400 seats.

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The straw hat museum- Criseni

The museum of straw hats from Crişeni opened its doors to the visitors on 21 July 2001.

The museum exhibits types of hats created and worn in the country, the old process of straw hat making, other decorations and straw objects. The collection of the museum includes not only straw hats but also a series of wonderful stones exposed in the yard. The stones are in their original form, how nature grinded and sculpted them throughout hundreds of years.


The famous land of salt contains both very well known objectives and others less known. Visit as many of them. We recommend Bear Lake, Homoródfurdo, the wild animal park Ivo, lake Zetea, the mine and salt baths from Praid, traditional mud baths in the salt canyon, the butterflies house, daffodils glade.

Artisanal and traditional crafts from Corund

Corund ceramics are a well known and specific for Corund village, Harghita county. Once the clay was well kneaded with a little water and cleaned of impurities, it is cut into strips and shaped on the potter’s wheel, until it takes the desired form. After a few days it is put in the oven. Korond vessels are painted by craftsmen with floral designs and stylized animal figures. Ceramics can be white, brown, blue (cobalt) or multicolored.
Ceramic Fair is always open, here you can purchase handcrafted products of good quality.

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Árcsó mineral waters

Arcso is near Corund and it is famous for its medicinal waters. You can visit the saltwater spring and the mineral springs. The medicinal waters here have benefits on the digestive system and intestines. The area was known as Baile Corund, but after World War II and through the years, the springs were almost completely destroyed.

Bicaz Gorge

The Bicaz gorge is a very picturesque geographical area of Romania located in the central part of Hasmas Mountains in the north-east of the country, passing through Harghita and Neamt counties. The passage was formed by the Bicaz river and connects Transylvania to Moldova. The Bicaz gorge area with a length of over 6 kilometers from Red Lake upstream to Bicaz Ardelean is crossed by the transcarpathian road DN12C linking the cities Gheorgheni and Bicaz.

The Bicaz gorge area is included in the natural reservation of Cheile Bicazului and Red Lake national park.

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The Red lake

Red Lake was formed after the collapse of a slope due to the earthquake of 1838, at an altitude of 983 m, in a valley with a predominantly alpine climate. Its name comes from Red Creek crossing red layers of iron oxides and hydroxides. In German it is called Mördersee (“killer lake”); Hungarian, gyilkos = killer because, according to legend, land subsidence would have covered a village, killing inhabitants and animals. The collected water was coloured in red by the blood, so the name of the lake became both Red Lake and Killer Lake.
Lake surroundings are a pleasant microclimate, especially beneficial for treating physical and mental exhaustion, insomnia, neurasthenia.

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Izvorul Mureșului

Izvorul Mureșului(Mures spring) is a small resort, crossed by the main road with cozy cottages, all surrounded by a beautiful scenic landscape. The name comes from a spring located close enough to the main road, which the locals have noted to be the source of Mures river.

There is also a ski slope with a low degree of difficulty, where you can enjoy riding a sleigh. Its length is about 600 m, difference of height is 100 m. It’s perfect for learning to ski. Slope benefits from tele cable facility.

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The Basa Inn

The Basa inn was built in 1897 and is open even in our days. Each corner of the building inspires tradition, staying loyal to the details of the area and the great predecessor Godfather Basa. The inn welcomes you with authentic cuisine, customary plum brandy and szekler atmosphere.

They organize sleigh or carriage rides through the nearby woods.

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The butterfly house- Praid

Since 2011 the butterfly house brings closer the wonderful world of tropical butterflies to children and adults.

The butterfly house can be visited in warmer months and several hundreds of 8 to 9 basic species and 6-7 metamorphic changing species, can be observed at the same time.