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Sauna Village

Our types of sauna

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the best known and most widespread  type of sauna. It has a history of thousands of years. It was used and enjoyed by the ancient Romans, the Turks, and even the Aztec Indians. Today, we identify with the Finns, which is no wonder, as it is found in almost every Finnish household and is part of their daily lives. In the Finnish sauna, the air is heated by heating stones, up to 70-100 degrees. You can control the humidity by sprinkling the stones. Hot air heats up the body from the outside in, causing sweating to start. It significantly speeds up the metabolic processes. In the hot and dry air, bacteria and viruses are destroyed, and by sweating, toxins and waste products leave the body through the skin. The physiological effects of the sauna are very diverse: it improves blood circulation, regenerates blood vessels, strengthens the heart, increases the body’s resilience – thus preventing the flu, colds – beautifies the skin (rejuvenates, makes it elastic), relieves muscle spasms and even stresses. it also has a dissolving effect. Due to the increased blood circulation, the body gets more oxygen, so it is easier to relax and regenerate. Sauna prevention and treatment at the same time.

Salt sauna

The negative ions released from the salt block by the warm air of the sauna have a particularly beneficial effect on the respiratory system, disinfecting the airways and reducing asthmatic and allergic complaints.
The Himalayan salt bricks boast a variety of shades from dark to light red and the extreme combination of shades provides a real visual experience. The lightly and beautifully illuminated Himalayan salt bricks with their pleasant orange-red colour have a calming effect on our body.
The Himalayan salt sauna can be used without a worry by children and persons with high blood pressure, at low temperatures.
In addition to the immune-boosting and skin-regenerating effect of the salt sauna, it plays an important role in relaxation and stress relief.
The salt sauna provides health and tranquillity, with a deep breath of fresh air, with the experience of the salt bricks’ soothing light and the effect of sweating and relaxation.

Bio Sauna 1 – sauna with Chromotherapy

This type of sauna serves not only the body, but also the soul, through the brain and through our senses! With the help of colours, the light that enters our brains has been proven to have a good effect in curing certain diseases, renewing our mental and spiritual health. This can change our mood and it can have an impact on our entire body. It relieves pain, our wounds heal better and the stress disappears more easily.
Each colour has its own effect and they can follow each other alternately in a repeated sequence.
This sauna is recommended for elders and for those persons who cannot or are not allowed to use the traditional saunas due to their health conditions. It is great for a family sauna, including children or to enhance adaptability.It combines the blessing effect of light therapy with the pleasant sweating. At a lower temperature  this type of sauna is not as stressful for the heart as the traditional Finnish sauna. You do not feel tired here, it is not too demanding on your body, you just rest, relax, stimulating your senses simultaneously, while becoming healthier.
You can spend some more time here, as it can be more pleasant than in the other saunas. Every inch of your body is penetrated by the heat. In this peaceful calm environment both your body and your soul are resting.

Bio Sauna 2– sauna with Aromatherapy

In the wellness area, this sauna provides rejuvenation for both body and soul. This sauna’s history dates back thousands of years. Back then, oil was obtained from plants and flowers, which were introduced into the body by inhalation, by mixing it in the bath water and by massage.
With a very diverse range of application and because it does not have side effects, aromatherapy has been used as a relief starting with menstrual complaints all the way to stomach ailments and locomotor system malfunctions. It also affects the limbic system, that is, our emotional world. It exerts its beneficial effects through essential oils, which are inhaled and penetrate the skin, when evaporated into the air, providing relaxation for the body and soul. Its beneficial effect is well known, it has a full effect in the treatment of locomotor impairments, by rubbing and massaging it into the skin. When inhaled, certain essential oils help with respiratory tract regeneration, they help to make breathing easier and they soothe the body.
Sauna with aromatherapy is recommended for all ages at a lower temperature .  There is no need to repeat the session and you shouldn’t fear that your skin will take over the strong citrus or mint scent of the essential oils.
Using this sauna has a pleasant, soothing and relaxing effect on your body. It helps to relieve the effects caused by stress.

According to the Finnish tradition, the sauna is a sacred place
where not only the body but also the soul is recharged.

The correct use of the sauna


Before you get into the sauna you should shower. Enter the sauna with a dried off body and a dry towel.

In the sauna

Always place the towel that you sit on so that it goes under your feet as well.
We recommend that you sit in the most comfortable position for everyone, which you can later change.  In case of accelerated heartbeat, restlessness or dizziness, it is highly recommended that you leave the sauna immediately!

After sauna

1. Shower – after leaving the sauna, always take a shower first, to rinse off sweat!
2. Cool down your body – after the shower, you can either go outside to cool your body down in fresh air, or you can stay inside, but do this after you dried off your body. This is the gentlest cooling method.

The relaxing sauna

The maximum length of stay in the sauna is 15 minutes/session (at all times).

For a relaxing sauna, it is ideal to have 3 – 4 sessions. It is highly important also that you pay attention to the cooling down and resting stages. The cooling down stage should last for 15 – 20 minutes between the sauna sessions, but you will get the expected effect of the sauna if they are longer than that. However, sleeping between the sauna sessions is not recommended.

The best indicator is your own body: if you don’t feel like it, or if your heart beats faster than normal, than wait a little longer before you get in. After all, the sauna is supposed to serve our physical and mental relaxation, so don’t try to please anyone, it is not a survival program.

Sauna etiquette

Slippers and bathrobes must be left outside the sauna!

Slippers and bathrobes are mostly made of synthetic materials and are glued. At an average temperature of 90°c, these synthetic materials dissolve and they evaporate inside the sauna.

Enter only with a dried-up body and a dry towel!

Many people don’t give the deserved importance to wet body and towel, although it is an important detail, which can cause temperature drop inside the sauna, thus cooling down the air, as well as our body and every other user’s body in the sauna. In order to achieve the right temperature and climate in the sauna, we have to get in with a dry towel and a dried-up body, so we can expect the right effects of the sauna, which is sufficient sweating and detoxification.

Use a towel in all cases!

For our own sake and that of others, it is very important to sit on a towel spread out in a way that it reaches under our feet, as well. This will prevent our sweat from dripping on the bench.

Avoid the use of cosmetics and strong perfumes!

Due to high evaporation levels caused by the heat, the cosmetics and perfumes from the surface of our skin evaporate more intensively.

Keep the right distance!

Choose your place when you sit down in the sauna, so as your sweat does not drip onto any of the other sauna users. If it is too crowded, it is recommended that you wait outside until there is enough room for you to get in.

Do not make loud noises!

Any act of noisiness in the sauna is inappropriate and may disturb the other users.

Use the cooling pool only after showering!

In your own best interest and that of the other users, plunge into the cooling pool after you have rinsed off your sweat.

avoid eating and drinking in the sauna!

Food and fluids must be consumed at least 1-2 hours before or after a sauna.

avoid alcohol consumption at least two hours before and after a sauna!

For your information

The standard length of a sauna session is maximum 15 minutes.

For a relaxing sauna, it is ideal that you repeat the session 3 – 4 times.

Always keep in mind that the length of the session is dependent of the physical condition of every person. A person’s endurance depends on the amount of sleep they get, the effects of stress on them, possible latent diseases and so on. In short, we don’t always have to strive to sit through the standard 15 minutes length.

Who is not allowed to use a sauna?

You are not allowed to use the sauna if you have a fever, suffer from an infectious disease, a bacterial inflammation, if you are recovering after a surgery, if you suffer from inflammation of muscles, joints or from pneumonia.

People with severe high blood pressure and circulatory problems, or who suffer from kidney and heart diseases.

To those who have never had a sauna before the age of 60, we recommend starting it only after a preliminary medical examination!

The sauna is not recommended for pregnant women! Unlike us, the fetus cannot give off heat and there is a risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

Breastfeeding mothers are free to have a sauna. The recommended length of stay is 5 – 8 minutes.

We do not recommend the sauna for children under 4 years of age! Children over 4 can try the infrared and the bio sauna at a third and a half of the time recommended for adults, but the child’s signs should always be given priority.

Children over the age of 12 can try the finnish sauna, too. The recommended length of stay is between 5 – 8 minutes, away from the heating stove and on the bottom raw of the benches. This however, depends on the child’s physical development. Their hearts cannot support pressure as well as an adult’sheart and also, they reach the degree of efficiency sooner than adults!

Never take a sauna on an empty stomach, or, conversely, if you are very full! To avoid nausea. Having a sauna with a full stomach can cause dizziness, nausea and even vomiting. If you have a sauna on an empty stomach, both your blood pressure and blood sugar may drop and you may feel dizzy or even faint. You should consider eating 1 – 2 hours before or after a sauna.

Consumption of fluids

What to consider when consuming fluids?

Drink plenty of fluids before entering the sauna! This way, detoxification also happens from a deeper level and more effectively. We do not recommend excessive fluid intake during the sauna sessions; you should wait one hour after the sauna to drink fluids (due to blood thinning).

After you use the sauna, we recommend consuming 100% fruit juice, to supplement the level of potassium in your body.